Wire Guides

Besides brass and coated wires and waste filters, Rivadossi Trafilerie also offers EDM wire guides.

These are valuable tools that guide your EDM machine when cutting the various materials and final products. A good wire guide is essential for an accurate and effective cut. There are various types of EDM wire guide available depending on the type of machine you have and its technical characteristics.

At Rivadossi Trafilerie you will find the best wire guides for a whole host of different EDM machine models and brands. Choosing the right product is a must if you want your EDM machine to function correctly and give you the best quality it can produce.

Correctly using your wire guide also saves energy and slashes production time and costs, making your machines more effective and efficient, even after long periods of intensive use. The following wire guide data sheets are organised by model and contain all of the details you need to check the product’s compatibility with your machine and needs. Based on your EDM machine model and the diameter required, Rivadossi recommends the very best guides that will ensure a professional, quality cut time after time. The data sheets should provide all the information you need, but do feel free to get in touch for more information or for a quote. We offer wire guides for the following EDM machine brands: Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Japax, Seibu, Hitachi, Brother, Charmilles and Chmer. At Rivadossi Trafilerie you can select the right guide from among a vast range based on the machine you use and the diameter of the wire.