Coated Wires

Brass wires used for wire EDM machines are described as being "coated" when they are covered with materials such as zinc and copper. Coated EDM wires are able to significantly increase the cutting speed. To coat the brass wires, we use innovative equipment that achieves fast yet precise results. Coated brass wires are incredibly easy to use, are effective, give a good finish, and save energy - which means money savings too. Our product range includes the very best coated wires, along with their technical specifications and instructions. Our catalogue contains micro brass wires that have been coated using vapour deposition techniques. You will also find a vast array of products classified by spool size, weight in kilogrammes, and diameter.

Spools Dimension Net Weight
Din 125 3.5
Din 160 7
Din 200 16
Din 250 25
Din P5 5/7
Din P10 10
Din P15 20/24
Din Din335 50

Standard: 0.20 | 0.25 | 0.30
A richiesta: 0.10 | 0.15 | 0.33


New high speed wire BRAWO B
for agie and charmilles machines


Advantage in use:

  • Saving of time
  • Higher duration for the contacts and guides in the edm machine
  • The best finishing of the pieces
  • The lowest waste of power
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Brass wire treated by a new micro-molding process by steam deposition


High quality level

Core: Brass wire with CUZN 37 Electrolytic cathode
Covering: By copper electrodes
Surface: Copper – opaque
Tensile strength: 450-550 N/mm²
Alongation: >2%

Diameter tolerance: -0,000/-0,001
Straightness: For automatic threading
Power: Up tol 20% more than the plain brass wire
Spooling: Precise, checked layer by layer